Dr Regéna R. de Lange

Medical Doctor & Mental Health Practitioner


Mental Health Practitioner Port Elizabeth

Dr Regéna de Lange is a medical doctor and mental health practitioner at ENSŌ Health & Wellness Inc. in Port Elizabeth.

She completed her medical degree at UFS in 2006, whereafter she completed a Diploma in Mental Health through the College of Medicine South Africa (CMSA) and spent a number of years working with multi-disciplinary teams in the public mental health care system in the Eastern and Western Cape. She also has 10 years of experience in clinical practice, where she worked in the public and private sector in the areas of general and emergency medicine in South Africa as well as abroad. Working in these settings made her realize the value of teamwork as well as the multi-disciplinary approach in patient care.

Apart from her longstanding interest in mental health with specific interests in mood and anxiety disorders, ADD/ADHD, addiction & habit reformation, she is passionate about preventive medicine and genetics, immuno-psychiatry, the gut-brain connection & the microbiome, logotherapy, mindfulness meditation and therapeutic nutrition. She also has a keen interest in neuroplasticity and the effect of music on the brain and plans to do research in this area.

She also completed training in Psychoneuroimmunology, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and having played music from a very young age, she decided to also do a Diploma in Music at NMU.

“Medicine is an art that is a science, and even more so in the realm of mental health. I believe being a musician makes me better at practicing medicine, and vice versa. Our pursuit of obtaining mental health should be a pursuit of obtaining balance.”


I have always been very interested in mental health and feel very strongly about differentiating between mental illness as a primary diagnosis and mental illness as a symptom due to another systemic problem. I really believe that individualized patient care and taking the time to understand the cause of a symptom, or set of symptoms, is extremely important. I follow an evidence-based, holistic treatment approach with specific focus on the following elements:

  • Psychotropic medication based on the latest research
  • Nutritional optimization, correction of deficiencies and addressing gut health
  • Stress Management – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy, Breathing Techniques etc
  • Exercise and Pilates
  • Other Preventive Measures