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Dr Regéna R. de Lange is a medical doctor and mental health care practitioner.

Mental Health Practitioner Port Elizabeth

Dr Regéna de Lange is a medical doctor and mental health practitioner at ENSŌ Health & Wellness Inc. in Port Elizabeth.

She completed her medical degree at UFS in 2006, whereafter she completed a Diploma in Mental Health through the College of Medicine South Africa (CMSA) and spent a number of years working with multi-disciplinary teams in the public mental health care system in the Eastern and Western Cape.

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“You are not broken – you are breaking through” ALEX MYLES

“We are all fractured in places, so we can shed the light we hold. For there to be darkness, there had to have been light before” IKALE


Creating a patient-centred mental health care service, considering all facets needed for optimal mental health based on the Wellness Wheel

Providing an empathetic, compassionate space

Educating patients on all aspects of mental health to promote independence

Practicing ethical and evidence-based medicine within the guidelines of HPCSA and The Mental Health Care Act of SA 2002

Working closely with other health care professionals as part of a multi-disciplinary network

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